Intellectual and industrial property law

PRW Legal offers legal services in matters of intellectual and industrial property law.

We advise Polish and foreign Clients on dealing with and the protection of copyright and neighbouring rights, trademarks, patents and know-how.

PRW Legal’s lawyers have extensive experience in combating unfair competition practices and protecting trade secrets, which in the current market environment may be considered a major asset of any company.

PRW Legal’s services in the area of intellectual and industrial property law include the following:

  • advisory services concerning the acquisition and disposal of copyrights, licenses, rights to trademarks and other industrial property rights, including drafting, reviewing and negotiating agreements
  • representing Clients in proceedings before the Patent Office and competent courts, including in proceedings related to patents and trademarks
  • advisory services concerning infringement of intellectual and industrial property rights, as well as representing Clients in litigation cases related to the infringement of the above rights
  • analysing and planning tax structures with the use of intellectual and industrial property
  • advisory services in matters of the infringement of Clients’ personality rights.