Criminal law

PRW Legal’s criminal law practice consists of a team of attorneys at law headed by Konrad Dzięgałło, an attorney at law with over 10 years of experience. In the area of criminal law, our Law Firm provides services concerning criminal matters, as well as criminal economic and criminal tax matters. With respect to the above, we represent both defendants and aggrieved parties, at all stages of the proceedings. The Law Firm’s services include:

  • representing Clients in preparatory proceedings from the moment of detention up to the completion of all steps of the preparatory proceedings
  • representing Clients in court proceedings before the court of first instance, as well as in appellate and annulment proceedings
  • representing aggrieved parties
  • preparing complaints, appeals and annulment petitions
  • preparing other letters in the course of criminal proceedings

Apart from representing Clients in court proceedings, PRW Legal provides Clients with additional comprehensive services, including:

  • advisory services concerning the conduct of internal investigations
  • assessing the risk of criminal or tax criminal proceedings, as well as advisory services aimed at eliminating or reducing these risks
  • advisory services concerning the collection and securing of evidence for the purpose of potential proceedings
  • advisory services in cases where our Clients face accusations, including drafting statements or response letters with regard to such accusations.