Bankruptcy and restructuring law

PRW Legal provides Clients with comprehensive advisory services in the area of bankruptcy and restructuring law.

Our services in the area of bankruptcy law include the following:

  • analysis of the rationale, grounds and consequences of bankruptcy
  • preparing petitions for bankruptcy on behalf of debtors or creditors
  • preparing proofs of claims in bankruptcy proceedings
  • representing Clients in bankruptcy proceedings, including representation before bodies involved in such proceedings
  • challenging the list of claims
  • challenging the distribution plan
  • advisory services concerning the purchase of assets under bankruptcy proceedings

As a general rule, insolvency is not a sudden development but the result of a long-term negative trend in the company. Where such a trend is identified, the provisions of the restructuring law offer the possibility to conduct a restructuring procedure in order to avoid bankruptcy or reduce the risk thereof.

Our Law Firm provides the following services in the area of restructuring processes:

  • arrangement approval proceedings
  • accelerated arrangement proceedings
  • arrangement proceedings
  • remedial proceedings
  • advisory services concerning the preparation and evaluation of arrangement proposals