Family and succession law

Our Law Firm offers legal assistance in matters of family law.

Strong emotional involvement of Clients determines the special nature of family law cases. According to leading psychologists, family cases, including in particular divorce or separation cases are among the most stressful events of a person’s lifetime. Taking this into account, PRW Legal’s lawyers offer not only top quality legal assistance, but also a positive atmosphere for comfortable cooperation.

PRW Legal’s services in the area of family law include the following:

  • divorce cases
  • separation cases
  • parental responsibility cases
  • child visitation cases
  • maintenance cases, including claims to establish, change or terminate maintenance obligations
  • cases for the establishment or contestation of parentage
  • adoption cases
  • property division cases
  • cases for the recognition of a foreign divorce decree

PRW Legal also offers comprehensive legal assistance in matters concerning succession law. With this respect, our Law Firm provides assistance in formal confirmation of inheritance acquisition, as well as services concerning representing Clients in court proceedings:

  • proceedings related to confirmation of inheritance acquisition
  • proceedings related to securing the inheritance
  • claims for estate inventory
  • claims for estate division
  • claims for legitimate portion